martes, 10 de enero de 2012

Dupont (3rd member of Milli Vanilli)

Milli Vanilli & Dupont

What was your part in the "Milli Vanilli" project and how did you get in touch with this German project?

I started the International Musique Society in Hollywood(Chateau Marmont Hotel) with a partner(Gloria Hann) who was well connected to the German film distributor Scotia Film. Sam Wainberg of Scotia Film soon hired me to work on some film music and set me up with a studio and apartment on the Oberfohringer Strasse in Munich. On my first night out in Munich I went to P1 and there I met Robert Pilatus and Fabrice Morvan. Robert was a very good breakdancer and a big fan of Breakin & Enterin and we became close friends and started hanging out at the P1 club almost every night. They were really interested in the music business but did not know anything about it so I began to mentor them cause I thought they were very talented performers. I first recorded some songs with them that turned out very good and we formed a band and started doing some club shows and fashion week performances around Munich. I helped change their look and directed a photo session for them and got Sam Wainberg of Scotia Film to introduced us to the editors of the Bravo and Pop Rocky teen mags and the A&R people at Ariola Records. Just when things started happening for us I was called back to LA to work on the first single for my MCA recording contract. Robert & Fabrice later hooked up with Frank Farian and wanted me to be a 3rd member of Milli Vanilli but I could not do it because of my contract with MCA. I then moved to New York to work on my album with Mic Murphy & David Frank of The System. I later joined Robert & Fabrice as a band member of Milli Vanilli and we toured Europe and did the first MV promotional tour in the US together. When my debut album on MCA was released I was the opening act for the Milli Vanilli World Tour and we were on stage together at the Grammy Show when MV won the Best New Artist award.

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  1. Una verdadera labor de investigación, gracias por traerla hasta aquí, "A la cama no te irás sin saber una cosas más", Eres como el libro de Petete, "el libro gordo te enseña, el libro gordo entretiene, y yo te digo contento, hasta la clase que viene"...

  2. Podriamos hacer una wiki-farian-pedia con todo lo que esta relacionado con el mister y sus años de carrera.
    No se si la acabariamos o se acabarian antes los gigas de la pc.
    Si buzeas un ratito por la net, siempre das con algo que no conocias, es impresionante la de ramas, ramitas y brotes que tiene este arbol.
    Un saludo y gracias por tu apoyo, de verdad.


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