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Ali Tamposi - Save The Hero

Ali Tamposi - Project by Frank Farian (Unreleased)

Interview Ali Tamposi

10 Questions: Ali Tamposi:

1. What led you to become a songwriter?

I grew up in South Florida, and when I was 14 I was discovered by Marti Cintron from No Mercy, and I was signed to a record deal. He brought me to Frank Farian, a major German producer, and they signed me at 14. We parted ways when I was about 17, and I signed a deal in Miami. From that, I met producer Jim Jonsin when I was 17, and he signed me as an artist as well. He really taught me a lot about producing and songwriting and he introduced me to a lot of songwriters who he had worked with, and I really learned a lot about the process while I was signed with him.

We worked on a bunch of songs in Miami, and one of the songs that was supposed to be my single—“Save the Hero,” written by Rico Love, Jim Jonsin and I—ended up going to Beyoncé on her ‘I Am … Sasha Fierce’ album. Things started to die down with Jim so I moved out to L.A. two years ago, and I just hustled. I initially moved here wanting to be an artist, and I was trying to figure it out and started writing a ton of songs. I was introduced to Jorgen Elofssen right before my dad was about to send my ass back home to South Florida and right before I was going to call it a day. I was literally packing to go home the week that I met Jorgen, and he was like, “You’re not going anywhere. And I’m not focused on you as an artist; I see your talent as a songwriter.” Meeting Jorgen changed everything.

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