martes, 11 de septiembre de 2012

Fab Morvan & John Davis (Milli Vanilli) - The Jace Hall Show

Fab Morvan and John Davis Together For First Time Ever On “Blame It On The Game” Music Video

Milli Vanilli sold over six million albums during the late 80′s and early 90′s, earning them a Grammy and several American Music Awards. But they will forever be known for the lip syncing incident that occurred on November 19th, 1990, when during a live performance of “Girl You Know It’s True”, the track began to skip, revealing the two were lip syncing.

So who was singing the actual song? One of the original vocalists was John Davis, who sang the vocals for Blame It On The Rain — which was one of three singles to reach number one on the Billboard charts.

Prior to the gamer inspired Jace Hall Show version of Blame It On The Rain (Blame It On The GAME), John Davis and Fab Morvan (one of the two original members of Milli Vanilli) had NEVER appeared together anywhere, ever.

But for the first time, both appear side by side, making music history on The Jace Hall Show.

VH1 wasn’t able to do it. Neither were MTV or anyone else. It was Season 5 of The Jace Hall Show that was able to bring the two together for the FIRST TIME — uniting two of the most significant music figures in the latter part of the twentieth century, in a performance that commemorates the events that happened on the MTV stage over twenty years ago.

Blame it on The Game is not only the first time Fab Morvan has appeared as Milli Vanilli this century, the vocals for the track were sung by none other than John Davis, bringing both the face and voice of Blame It On The Rain together for the first time ever in a music video!

Below is a collection of photos and behind the scenes video of the event, primarily Fab and John meeting for the first time!



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