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Mercy Lopez - No Idea

Mercy Lopez / Bio

This Organic Country/Pop Rock Artist " is currently recording her 2nd album; "Hillbilly Cuban in West Palm Beach" for her "Yee Haw" album. Having a half of dozen roses tattooed around her left arm makes her feel refreshed after her last success with BMG/Germany, Frank Farian's release "Show me". This European video was shot with special effects in Germany & can be found on her reverbnation page where you can see her as a stunning blonde rock goddess.
This sexy urban farmer now lives with her dogs and chickens that run freely around her back yard and farm. She enjoys dipping into her jacuzzi at sunset and sips her home-grown wheat grass juice as she listens to some good country music. She says "I know myself better now by living a lifestyle that is important to me. I love being sustainable, especially with the way things are going with the environment & all the statistics that's out there. My awesome vegetable garden supplies enough to feed me and share veggies with my friends." She is also very excited about recently becoming sponsored by "Supreme Growers", a company that specializes in organic nutrients. She is proud of living meet, chemical, tobacco, and coffee free lifestyle.
She is very passionately about animal rights/education and volunteers weekly at the animal shelter. Mercy finds freedom in riding her Harley Davidson, (that she won in a swimsuit contest in South Beach). She has posed with it and it has graced the pages of Playboy magazine as both a brunette and blonde. Today, it is common to find her cycling briskly at sunrise along A1A's ocean view roadway or practicing Bikram yoga. This combination helps her find a the natural connection for her creativity when she is writing songs at her home studio.
Usually, when composing music, Mercy starts off with her acoustic Ibanez or Fender Stratocaster guitar. Lately, by using her pro-tools recording program, she feels she has a broader range in song ideas and loves the production end. She goes on to add that "technology is amazing today". She collects Rickenbacker guitars and sometimes likes to get her day started off with a quick loud session playing the drums.
So, if you didn't know, along the way in support of her musical growth and stage presence, Mercy has past appeared in print, national TV commercials, soap operas in Mexico & had cameo appearances as a SAG actress in Oliver Stones': " On Any Given Sunday ", Farrelly Brothers': " Something about Mary" and Abel Ferrara's: "Black out" with the late Dennis Hopper. She even did stunt work on "Bad Boys II" movie set. Mercy explains; "Driving a caged car in the movie has gotta be the craziest thing I've ever done".
She is so excited to get back in the music business and doing a lot of writing with other talented artist & producing music videos

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